More About Me

Carolyn Mendez - Licensed REALTOR®

I am an Air Force veteran with over 20 years of service.  I was an Aircraft Analyst that dealt with operational analysis, aerospace, logistics, and process improvement. 

Throughout my career, I’ve lived and visited over 26 countries in the world.  I’ve been very fortunate to travel around the world, meet amazing people, experience different cultures, and gain a lot of skills.  While serving I also earned my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Bellevue University, Nebraska. I led and organized multiple events in my organization and local community.

I joined the United States Air Force to serve my country.  This was also the time when 9/11 just happened and it felt like it was my calling to help my fellow Americans and serve my country.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made besides marrying Tony and having two amazing boys.

After my military career, I decided to dedicate my time doing real estate, so I can help anyone with real estate needs, and our community.  I've been relocated so many times, so I understand what military members go through during their transition.

Tony and I have vast experience in real estate such as buying, selling, buy and hold investing, flipping, and creative ways of financing.

I am a strong believer that “taking care of people” is a good way of building relationships.

I am here for my clients to stay committed, honest, transparent, and work hard to achieve what they deserve!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything whether it's buying, selling, renting, or investing.  I am always here for you. Call 210-314-1422.


Tagalog, English